February 21, 2024

What Are Carter’s Views on Military Force & Pay?

DefSec Budget

When to use military force and how much should the military be paid are likely topics for Ashton Carter’s confirmation hearings as DefSec scheduled for February.

Sequestration Compromising Defense Innovation

Pentagon Capitol

Sequestration-driven budget cuts are compromising American defense innovation and the next generation of weapons and other defense products.

Wind Farm “Jeopardizes” NAS Pax River

Any economic benefits derived from the wind farm project will be overshadowed by the damage the facility could inflict including jeopardizing NAS Pax River.

X-47B UCAS Completes Testing

The Navy’s X-47B UCAS completed its final test aboard the USS Theodore Roosevelt and returned to its home base at NAS Pax River after eight days at sea.

Contractors Face Uncertain Future

Automatic budget cuts, uncertainty about existing programs as spending declines and a projected “procurement holiday” cloud the future for defense contractors.

Morning Coffee: O’Malley May Veto Wind Farm Delay

Eastern Shore wind energy

Governor could veto legislation that delays the Eastern Shore wind project as the state Senate prepares to take up the bill next week.

Government Closes

Congress keeps working. So does the military. So do essential personnel. But otherwise, the federal government is closed.

Congress Closes Government Rather than Compromise

Brinkmanship, partisanship, disruptive or stupid — whatever you call it, Congress shuttered government and froze most federal workers’ paychecks, but not their own.