July 14, 2024

China Expands Armed Drones Sales: DoD Reports on Whose Buying Them

armed drones

The mandated DoD reports says China completed more than $20 million in sales, with the country’s second largest arms sales going to the Middle East and North Africa and notes the uptick is the likely result of an increased demand for armed drones.

Marines Seek Ways to Combat Armed Drones

armed drones

The Marines are using “everything from shotguns to water cannons to other kinetic means” and even lasers to counter the growing threat of armed drones.

Navy & Marines Bringing Help to the Caribbean

USS George Washington heads to the Caribbean, with V-22 Ospreys, MH-60 Seahawks, and the amphibious transport dock Mesa Verde if disaster aid is needed.

DoD Report Defines Contractor Motivation


Acquisition report emphasizes the need for competition and reviewed defense contractors’ performance to determine what motivates them.

Armed Drones Risk “Perpetual War”

The report states armed drones should not be “glorified nor demonized” and resulting civilian deaths are fewer than from manned strikes.

Morning Coffee: Australia F-35 Buy Boosts Program

F-35B JSF air start

“International buys could be the salvation of floundering program economics.”

Spending Bills Start Their Slog Through Congress

Pentagon Capitol

A dozen spending bills are filing out of committees, the Defense authorization bill will carry an array of proposals regarding military sexual assault. VA looks to be an early favorite with legislators.