September 23, 2023

US Faces Cyber Threats on Many Fronts

cyber threats

National Intelligence Director Dan Coats issues warnings about cyber threats to US national security. Digital attempts to undermine America are occurring daily, not just at election time from Russia, China, Iran, North Korea, and criminal networks and individual hackers.

Broitman Resigns Key DoD Contracting Post


Ms. Broitman’s position serves as a principal, and vital, contact between the DoD and defense contracting industry leaders.

F-35 Fleet Grounded

If the F-35B is going to fly at the UK airshows, then the four planes now at NAS Pax River probably need to take off by tomorrow morning.

Restored DoD Funds to Reduce Civilian Furlough Days

The president, some senators and the Pentagon push for military budget relief and the first pilot to break the sound barrier suggests a less expensive aircraft.

F-35B Successfully Releases an AIM-120 Missile

F-35B JSF AIM-120 release

Pax River’s Joint Strike Fighter test team continues to make testing progress.

Sen. Cardin Says Reversing Sequester Is a ‘Long Shot’

Maryland Senator believes it will be tough to reverse the automatic cuts this year.

Congress Is Heading Over the Fiscal Cliff

Calvert Cliffs

A Senate deal to avoid automatic defense cuts falls through, and now sequestration appears inevitable.

Pentagon (Officially) Begins Sequestration Planning

Pentagon Capitol

Analysts see little hope for a fix to automatic defense cuts from the lame duck Congress.

Obama States that Military Sequestration Won’t Happen

Barack Obama

The Navy says it will begin planning for sequestration cuts as early as next month.

White House Again Says No to Layoff Notices

pink slip

Another directive tells contractors not to issue layoff warnings ahead of sequestration.