May 31, 2020

To Bohanan – Education is the Key to Prosperity

John Bohanan finds himself repeating this key phrase as the completion of an educational vision of decades approaches fruition. Education lifts individuals and entire communities higher, like a rising tide.

Anriban Basu & Navy Alliance Brief Community

St. Mary’s Econ. Development Comm. to host a public briefing on potential impacts to the county’s economy by noted economist Anirban Basu and the So. MD Navy Alliance, Aug. 19, 6 pm at Frank Knox.

Univ. System of MD Enters PAX $38B Economy

The research and incubator facility is seen as imperative to development of unmanned aircraft and other emerging technologies at Southern Maryland industries.

Bohanan Brings University Catalyst to SoMd

State and regional leaders credit Del. John Bohanan with enabling a technological renaissance, just in time to save the region’s prosperity.

Navy Alliance Prepares for Region’s New Challenges

pax river aerial

The Southern Maryland Navy Alliance has adjusted and adapted to meet new challenges in a new economy, says its president Glen Ives.

Bohanan Wants Political Unity for Economic Future

Del. John Bohanan

Del. John Bohanan calls for regional cooperation to develop a new economic plan for Southern Maryland.

New Era for Navy Alliance

New president says it’s time for the group to take a more public role.

Pentagon (Officially) Begins Sequestration Planning

Pentagon Capitol

Analysts see little hope for a fix to automatic defense cuts from the lame duck Congress.

Local Meeting to Discuss Impact of NAVAIR Cuts


Followup to July 16 sequestration meeting scheduled for Wednesday at Southern Maryland Higher Education Center.

From the Colbert Report to the Bay District

Last year, Dr. Missy Cummings was teaching Steven Colbert about UAVs. Now she’s lecturing in Lexington Park.