June 22, 2024

Industry Unhappy with Encore III Contract

Pentagon Capitol

The “lowest price, technically acceptable” basis for Encore III contracting is problematic, say contractor industry groups.

LHS Grad Flies Advanced Helicopter

Andy Pagliarulo

Andy “Pags” Pagliarulo graduated LHS in ’07, today Lt. Junior Grade Pagliarulo in the U.S. Navy, flying the MH-60R Sea Hawk.

Navy is the Best Situated Service for FY14

Part of the Navy’s strong budget position is forward thinking cyber capabilities, cyberwarfare is seen as the nation’s most serious threat by national security leaders.

Two Days In: Stocks Falling, No Progress Apparent

F-35C JSF formation

On the second day of the government shutdown the news is of little else, but still the Navy stood up its first F-35C squadron.

Navy Yard Shooting Dominates Military News

Rampage leaves more than a dozen dead; security heightened in nation’s capital and at Navy installations.

A Postcard from the Sea

Joshua Pasik, USS John C. Stennis

Lexington Park native Joshua Pasik takes to the flight deck of the USS John C. Stennis.

Obama States that Military Sequestration Won’t Happen

Barack Obama

The Navy says it will begin planning for sequestration cuts as early as next month.

RADM Winter to Take Helm of Drone Program at Pax River

Rear Admiral Mathias W. Winter

The Pentagon announces Winter’s transfer from China Lake.

Salvation Lies in Investment

Zoning will not save Lexington Park. Your investment will.