December 7, 2023

F-35 Flight Trials on British Carrier Now Complete

F-35 Flight Trials

The F-35 Pax River Integrated Test Force has finished its flight trials aboard the HMS Queen Elizabeth. Two F-35B jets, four test pilots, and nearly 200 personnel joined the carrier in late September.

Trump’s FY18 Budget Cuts Hit DoD, Also

2020 Budget

The Pentagon is a winner in Trump’s proposed FY18 budget, but some cuts will impact the military as well.

Pentagon Releases New Contractor Cyber Rules

Hack the Air Force

The regs published this week require contracts and subcontracts to report cyber incidents resulting in adverse effects on systems and data.

Federal Cuts Would Hit Pax Region Hard

2020 Budget

In Lexington Park-California, contractor hubs of the Pax region, federal contracts average $40,095 per employee, 2nd highest in US.

More than 400 Military Drones Crashed Since 2001

Military drones crashed into homes, farms, runways, highways, waterways and an Air Force C-130 Hercules transport plane in midair.

Morning Coffee: Navy Laser Weapon Development Advances

laser trap

Navy engineers to deploy a groundbreaking laser weapon prototype on the USS Ponce for at-sea testing this summer.

Pentagon & Congress Must Cooperate to Survive

If the Pentagon is to survive sequestration, Defense Dept. and Congress must work together: SecDef Chuck Hagel.

Restored DoD Funds to Reduce Civilian Furlough Days

The president, some senators and the Pentagon push for military budget relief and the first pilot to break the sound barrier suggests a less expensive aircraft.

Budget Win for Pax? Waiting Win for China? No Change in N. Korea.

A bevy of reports released late last week provide some hopeful budget news for Pax River, but military and cyber warnings from almost everywhere else.

Face the Music, Accept Some Budget Cuts, CEO Says


TASC CEO says defense industry should be realistic; some cuts “workable.”