September 29, 2022

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Free Civil Legal Help at Lex Park Library -

Thursday, September 1, 2022

Telehealth Booth Opens at Lex Park Library -

Monday, August 29, 2022

Black Civil War Soldiers Exhibit Makes Stop in Lex Park -

Thursday, August 25, 2022

Time for ‘The Big Conversation’ -

Wednesday, August 24, 2022

MD Offers $1.6M to New Wind Companies

Wind Turbines

Offshore wind projects got a $1.6 million boost from the Maryland Energy Administration to fund additional projects by emerging companies. Grants will be awarded on a first-come first-serve basis for qualifying proposals until Jan. 1, 2023, or until all funding has been awarded.

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No Bay Bridge Expansion Any Time Soon

Don’t expect another span across Chesapeake Bay any time soon. Maryland Transportation Authority officials say they have four or five years to analyze alternatives and assess environmental impacts and only then, if the state gets federal approval and funding can design and construction begin.

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US Ups Funds for ‘Tactical’ Nuclear Weapons

The ’23 Defense Authorization Act adds funds for a “low yield ” or “tactical ” sea-launched nuclear cruise missile program of the Navy’s. The sea-launched missiles do create a large, powerful blast compared with conventional missiles but considerably smaller than strategic nuclear weapons, also making for easier handling and storage.

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‘Fat Leonard’ Is on the Lam

Leonard Glenn Francis, facing sentencing in the notorious ‘Fat Leonard’ Navy bribery scandal and under house arrest in San Diego, cut off his GPS monitoring ankle bracelet on Sunday and is on the run.

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Post 9/11 Vets Unemployment Falls to 3-Year Low


The Bureau of Labor reports August 2022 is the lowest unemployment rate for post-9/11 veterans in more than three years — dropping to 1.9% — another sign that the jobs market remains strong despite inflation.

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Army Grounds Chinook Helicopter Fleet

The Army has grounded the entire CH-47 Chinook helicopter fleet following an undisclosed number of recent engine fires in the Boeing-made fleet. No deaths or injuries occurred due to the fires.

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SEAL’s Death Revives Drug & Brutality Concerns

SEALs have defended for decades their Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL training to outsiders and Navy leadership who say it is too difficult. Since 1953, at least 11 men have died. New questions are arising about how use of performance-enhancing drugs have changed the standards, and what it means if the obvious cheating entailed with illegal drug use threatens the ethical core of the SEALs.

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Traffic Overwhelms Student Loan Sites

Traffic to the Education Department’s Federal Student Aid websitewas up more than 500% on Aug. 24 compared to the same day last year and the webpage set up to provide further information about the debt relief plan was viewed more than 3.9 million times on its first day.

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Another Historic Moon Launch for NASA

Moon Mission

NASA’s biggest test flight of the year is set to launch this morning. At 8:30 am EDT today, Monday, the Artemis 1 mission, an ambitious flight to the moon by NASA’s most powerful rocket ever — the Space Launch System — will head into space.

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Navy Christens 3rd Robot Ship

The latest robot ship to join the fleet is already outfitted with a government-furnished command-and-control system, a virtualized Aegis Combat System, an autonomous navigation system, and more. After a few more upgrades and testing, the USV Mariner heads to California to begin operations in FY23.

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