December 4, 2023

Teams of Hackers Take On a US Satellite


International teams of hackers were competing over the weekend to remotely seize control of SpaceX satellite Moonlighter. The Hack-a-Sat contest was part of a cybersecurity convention taking place in Las Vegas, NV.

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US Promises Money for K-12 Cyber Defense

A surge in ransomware and other malicious cyber threats to K-12 schools and libraries prompts the Biden Administration to focus hundreds of millions of dollars from government and industry on the problem. Amazon Web Services committed $20 million in grants to support cyber resilience, as rival technology firms and school administrators gather for the White House roll out of its efforts.

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Exercises Prep for Possible Conflict in the Pacific


Several recent US exercises have put the spotlight on a new era of military operations in the Pacific.

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Confidence in US Military Lowest in 25 Yrs.

American confidence in the United States military — 60% — is at its lowest point in 25 years, according to a new Gallup poll. The all-time low came in 1981, on the heels of the Iran hostage crisis.

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Former Pax Test Pilot to Lead Next NASA ISS Mission

Test Pilot

LT COL Jasmin Moghbeli will lead NASA’s next space station mission. She will serve as the commander of the upcoming SpaceX Crew-7 mission, slated to launch August 17. Moghbeli is a graduate of the US Naval Test Pilot School at Pax River.

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Lockheed Top Dollar Contractor Again

The General Services Administration released FY22’s financial commitments federal agencies made to their top 100 contractors. As in past years, Lockheed won more than anyone else, $47.7 billion – nearly as much as the next two combined: Raytheon scored $27 billion and General Dynamics at $24.7 billion.

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Biden Taps Franchetti to Lead Navy

President Joe Biden is set to tap ADM Lisa Franchetti to lead the Navy, which would make her the first woman to serve as a member of the military’s Joint Chiefs of Staff.

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F-35: Filling Gaps after Turkey’s Exit

A new Germany-based F-35 fuselage factory near Düsseldorf is expected to begin operations in 2025. It will replace a factory previously operated by Turkey. The new factory will fill a void in the supply chain resulting from the US removing Turkey and its companies from the F-35 program.

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House Passes NDAA w/ Restrictions

The House narrowly passed its $886 billion defense policy bill mostly along party lines on Friday, breaking a longstanding tradition of passing the legislation on a broad bipartisan basis, reports Politico. Democrats largely opposed the National Defense Authorization Act after Republicans loaded it up with controversial amendments, including ones to restrict the Pentagon’s abortion travel policy, cut funding for medical care for transgender troops and diversity programs.

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Ukraine: Biggest NAVWAR Ever

NAVWAR is the use of space and cyberspace to disrupt a military’s positioning, navigation, and timing. “What we’re seeing in Ukraine now is the largest NAVWAR confrontation ever seen,” says Space Command’s deputy commander.

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