February 4, 2023

Navy Shuts Washington Dry Docks for Seismic Activity

The US Navy has suspended submarine repair work at four dry docks in Washington state, following new concerns about their ability to withstand seismic activity. The concerns relate to dry docks 4, 5 and 6 at Puget Sound Naval Shipyard as well as the dry dock at Trident Refit Facility Bangor.

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US Military Weapons Sales on the Uptick

Military Arms Sales

US military weapons sales to other countries saw a major increase in 2022, up nearly $51.9 billion.

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USAID Seeks ‘Novel’ STEM Contractors


The US Agency for International Development wants federal contractors to help develop “novel ideas” to launch new professional Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics fellowships. USAID wants to award contracts for a program in late summer 2023, with the agency hosting the first set of fellows some time next year.

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US Tech Job Cuts Continuing Into 2023

Tech Jobs

Job cuts in the US tech sector seen last year are spilling into 2023, with companies such as Google and Microsoft announcing recently the elimination of thousands of positions. Looking for a new job? The US Office of Personnel Management is expanding efforts to attract tech talent to the federal workforce amid continuing layoffs at US companies.

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Simple Sabotage Circa 1944

The Office of Strategic Services compiled the “Simple Sabotage Field Manual” in 1944 advising citizens to become the most terrible, annoying worker possible to help win World War II. Instructions include how to be a bore at meetings and the kind of employee that causes a minor problem every day.

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DoD Rescinds COVID Vaccine Mandate

The Pentagon has dropped the COVID-19 vaccine mandate for troops.

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Spending Cuts Worry DoD

The pact House Speaker Kevin McCarthy made with GOP conservatives looks to exact deep spending cuts. The pact does not make a specific commitment on defense spending. Many Republicans have said reductions could come from the non-military side of the ledger. But Pentagon leaders are meeting and preparing a defense of their spending needs, only two weeks after securing a major budget increase.

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Latest US Aid Package to Ukraine Is Largest Yet

Aid Package

The latest package of military aid from the US is the biggest to date for Ukraine. The Defense Department will be delivering Bradleys and other infantry fighting vehicles armed with anti-tank missiles as part of a $3.75 billion assistance package.

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’23 Brings Pay Hike to Federal Workers

This year all federal workers — military and civilian — will receive a 4.6% pay hike, the largest in two decades.

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DoD End-of-Year Contracts for Dec. 27-30

These end-of-the-year Department of Defense contracts were awarded in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, DC, from December 27-December 30, 2022.

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