April 18, 2024

Navy Recruiting Down; Army, Air Force OK


Reversing previous years’ shortfalls, the Army and Air Force are on track to meet recruiting goals this year, but not the Navy. While improving, the Navy hit less than 70% of its recruiting goals for the first half of fiscal 2024.

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Del Toro: Innovate Faster to Solve Navy’s Problems


NavSec Carlos Del Toro unveiled the new Naval Science and Technology strategy last week. It’s a “call to service” for scientists and engineers from across the country to help the military solve its problems. The Naval S&T strategy aims to strengthen collaboration with industry, academia, and partners and allies, to cultivate research and accelerate delivery of technological innovation. “S&T is a means, and maritime dominance is the ends,” Del Toro said.

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100% ID Check at Pax River

NAS Patuxent River has instituted a 100 % ID check policy for all personnel entering the base. While the Trusted Traveler Program remains in effect, all vehicle passengers must present valid state or federal government ID in order to gain entry to the base.

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Sky Watchers Await Rare Celestial Event


A total solar eclipse will sweep across North America today, April 8, blocking out the sun momentarily for millions of viewers along a path stretching from northern Mexico to Maine. 2017 was the last time the US experienced a total solar eclipse, and there will not be another until 2044.

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Win a Spot Aboard USS Constitution

A free lottery has opened to win a spot aboard the USS Constitution’s July 4, 2024, underway demonstration. The lottery will select, at random, 150 people to join the crew as they set sail in Boston Harbor. Each person selected will be allowed to bring one guest. The Constitution remains a ceremonial and training ship of the Navy’s, served by active-duty sailors.

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Army Corps Leads Effort on Bridge Cleanup

Army Corps

The US Army Corps of Engineers is deploying more than 1,100 personnel to Baltimore, following the collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge into the Patapsco River on Tuesday. Naval Sea Systems Command is contracting out a variety of vessels to the harbor to help with clearing and reopening of the channel after a tanker struck the bridge.

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Army Practices Combat Alongside Robots

robotic dogs

The US Army’s experimenting with human-machine warfare included a combat simulation with an overwhelming group of air- and ground-based machine fighters, including a four-legged dog robot, who fought alongside troops. The military posted video of the collaboration.

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It’s Show Time for the Navy’s Elite Pilots


The US Navy’s Blue Angels in a flyover across the Navy-Marine Stadium in Annapolis, MD, in 2020. (DoD photo) Morning Coffee is a robust blend of links to news around the internet concerning the Naval Air Station Patuxent River economic community. The opinions expressed here do not reflect opinions of the Leader’s owners or staff. The US Navy’s elite pilots are headed for the big screen again. “The Blue Angels,” a new documentary, will make its way to Amazon Prime and IMAX theaters, reports NBC News. The film follows the service’s flight demonstration squadron as it enters its 78th year….

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Lawmakers Question Biden’s Gaza Pier

Lawmakers from both parties question how building a pier to deliver aid to Gaza will work, including assurances of safety for troops and aid delivery as well as whether the venture is necessary, even as five US Army vessels set sail for Gaza from the East Coast this week.

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Navy’s Ospreys Are Back in the Air


The US and Japan have resumed flights of the Osprey aircraft in Japan after completing the necessary maintenance and training following a fatal crash that killed eight airmen in southern Japan last year.

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