February 8, 2023

Kendall Wants DoD Tech to ‘Scare China’

USAF SEC Frank Kendall says the service should be fielding the kinds of leap-ahead technologies that “scare China.” Three weeks on the job and he has already adjusted the Air Force’s fiscal 2023 budget.

Military Firearms Keep Disappearing

An investigation has found that at least 1,900 US military firearms were lost or stolen during the 2010s, with some resurfacing in violent crimes.

Small Kindness Reaps National Benefit

A Coast Guardsman bought dinner at a diner for a stranger in Greenland. Ends up it’s the prime minister of the country and the Guardsman has been credited with strengthening the US  position in the Arctic domain. “It’s just something I do,” explained Kate Kilroy junior Coast Guard member.

McConnell “OK” Renaming Military Bases


GOP legislators remain divided on the renaming of bases named after Confederate Army officers, but the top Senate Republican Mitch McConnell has signaled he is “OK” with the renaming.

More Troops Need Medical Eval from Iran Missile Strike

More American troops are leaving Iraq for a medical evaluation after Iran missile strike of the Ain al-Assad air base in Iraq on Jan. 8, 2020.

US Moves to Halt F-35 Sale to Turkey


US takes first step in halting sale of F35 fighter jets to Turkey in retaliation for Ankara’s decision to purchase a Russian surface-to-air missile system.