November 29, 2023

Pentagon: No Evidence of Aliens in UFO Cases


The Senate Armed Services Subcommittee on Emerging Threats and Capabilities was told last week that none of the more than 650 unexplained anomalous phenomena, or UAP, incidents under investigation since the Pentagon’s All-Domain Anomaly Resolution Office’s July 2022 inception were of an alien nature.

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DoD: Atlantic Wind Projects ‘Highly Problematic’

The Pentagon is sounding alarms over the Biden administration’s plans to advance offshore wind projects along the central Atlantic US coast, warning that almost all of the new terrain eyed for development conflicts with military operations.

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DoD to Troops: Don’t Share Classified Info


The Defense Department is moving to tighten rules over who is allowed to access the most sensitive intelligence after last week’s arrest of a Massachusetts Air National Guardsman in connection with the leak of Pentagon intelligence.

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Military ‘Not an Amazon Prime’ for Weapons

The US no longer has the capacity to quickly produce needed wartime assets, like 155 mm artillery shells, or to rapidly repair vital sophisticated systems, like radar, in theater. “There’s not an Amazon Prime for these weapons systems,” said Justin Woulfe, Systecon’s chief technology officer.

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CH-53K Moving Toward Entry Into Service


The US Marine Corps’ CH-53K King Stallion program is preparing for its first deployment in 2025. The heavy lift helicopter recently also recently went through its second set of sea trials. The Corps continues to execute the transition from the CH-53E to the CH-53K and is on schedule to declare full operational capability in FY2029.

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Naval Aviator to Lead Moon Mission

Naval aviator and Baltimore native, NASA’s G. Reid Wiseman, will serve as the commander for the Artemis II mission. NASA astronauts Victor Glover and Christina Koch and Jeremy Hansen of the Canadian Space Agency complete the crew for the lunar flyby set to take off in November 2024.

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Dahlgren Proposes Expanding Zone for Weapons Testing

Weapons Tests Dahlgren

Some boaters and watermen say they are worried about a proposed expansion of the zone for weapons testing on the Potomac River. Naval Surface Warfare Center Dahlgren Division filed a notice seeking public comment on expanding the middle “danger zone” that extends about 20 miles downriver from Dahlgren, VA.

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Pendleton Detects PFAS in Drinking Water

Camp Pendleton is the latest installation to find elevated levels of PFAS in drinking water, and is not alone in the Southern California region to discover the forever chemicals in the groundwater supply.

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A Debut for Blue Angels’ 1st Female Pilot

Blue Angels

The US Navy’s Blue Angels demonstration team has its first female pilot — LT Amanda Lee. LT Lee flew her first public show earlier this month at the Naval Air Facility El Centro Air Show.

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Woman Led Most Successful Pirates Ever

Ching Shih was anything but your standard pirate. She was a former sex worker who married into the pirate life and turned out to be really, really good at it.

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