July 21, 2024

Future Battlefield: Soldiers Plus Autonomous Support

autonomous support

How the military acquires and implements new gear determines how soldiers fight next to autonomous support from multiple domains.

Marines Chastised for Sharing Nude Photos, Speier Wants Firings


House Armed Services Committee member Jackie Speier calls for the firing of Marines who shared nude photos of female service members on social media.

DefSec Nominee Shows Opportunities for Senior Military Retirees

war authorization

Retired Marine Gen. James N. Mattis has received millions of dollars of income since leaving the military from Goldman Sachs, Northrop Grumman, Theranos, Stanford University, and General Dynamics.

Carter Carefully Defends Outgoing Policies

DefSec Carter finds himself defending his Islamic State, NATO, and Russia policies without explicitly disagreeing with a president-elect.

Def Sec Hagel Gives Thanks to Military

Defense Secretary expresses his gratitude to military service members and their families yesterday in a Thanksgiving message.

GOP Hawks Say Drop Obamacare from Budget Battle

Movement in the Republican Party and from the White House seeks ways to get the federal budget on track and remove Obamacare from the battle.

Government Closes

Congress keeps working. So does the military. So do essential personnel. But otherwise, the federal government is closed.

Will Maryland’s ACA Response Leave You Needing More?

Some employees may want to consider private insurance options if their employers opt to pay the penalty instead of subsidizing coverage.

Fitting the Maryland Health Exchange to All Business Sizes

Two SoMD insurance agents continue working to provide individuals and businesses with affordable health care options.

Healthcare Law on Docket

The Supreme Court will consider an Obamacare case in March.