September 23, 2023

Fuel Burn Cut Would Extend F-35 Flight Life

Promising testing of technology that would reduce fuel burn would lengthen the flying life of the Joint Strike Fighter.

Reverse Mortgages Can Reduce Costs, Improve Living

reverse mortgages

The burden of homeowners’ recurring expenses and rising costs can be relieved with a reverse mortgage.

Reverse Mortgages: Tool for Boomer Retirees

reverse mortgages

The Baby Boom has morphed into the retirement boom. Reverse mortgages can help easy the way.

Congress Closes Government Rather than Compromise

Brinkmanship, partisanship, disruptive or stupid — whatever you call it, Congress shuttered government and froze most federal workers’ paychecks, but not their own.

Ed Greer Announces Retirement from Pentagon

ed greer

After serving 33 years as a civilian military official, Ed Greer retires as deputy assistant secretary for developmental testing.

Bohanan Says Economy is Turning Around

Bohanan delegate forum

Del. John Bohanan tells senior voters to have hope for the future.

Why You Should Increase Your IRA Contribution

IRA nest egg

One way to have a larger retirement fund is to save more now.

$100 Million JSF Insurance

jsf in hangar

Pentagon sets $100 million aside to deal with future JSF design problems.

Women’s Retirement Planning

Whether they are the breadwinner or not, preparing for retirement should be extremely important to women.

Women’s Financial Needs

With longer life expectancy, women need to plan for a longer retirement.