June 25, 2018

Morning Coffee: JSF’s Cost Estimate Jumps 15 Percent

F-35’s lifetime cost estimate now sits at $1.45 trillion.

Morning Coffee: Congress Slams JSF Cost Overruns

F-35C JSF Pax hangar

Foreign partners wavering on fighter program.

F-35C Graded on Curve

F-35C rear

The Pentagon allows F-35C to fudge on its landing speed requirement.

Traffic Jams in Two Weeks

Pax River’s force protection exercise could cause delays next week.

No New Tailhook for F-35C?

Lockheed says it will not lengthen the tailhook for the Navy’s JSF.

BAMS Is Coming Together

BAMS-D Pax River air show

Navy’s surveillance drone demonstrator gets wings and landing gear.

Hummingbird is Back

Boeing’s Hummingbird drone returns to testing after NAVAIR lifts stop work order.

To the Danger Zone

Lockheed plans to aggressively test JSF this year.

And Another One Down

Italy is the latest JSF partner to rethink their purchase.

Drone Contest Cancelled

Navy closes contest for new VTUAV in favor of upgraded Fire Scout.