July 23, 2024

US Slow to Fit Weaponry to Stealth Fighters

Europe leads the US in developing weaponry to fit stealth fighters. Current weapons are too large.

National Media Tour Pax River, Meet the ‘UFO’

ucas pax river media day 1

The Navy held a coming out party for its X-47B UCAS-D drone Tuesday, giving journalists their first look at the aircraft.

Rear Adm. Winter Takes Command at PEO(U&W)

PEO(U&W) command change

Rear Adm. Shannon retires from service at Pax River ceremony.

Winter to Take Command of Unmanned Program

Rear Admiral Mathias W. Winter

The command change ceremony for PEO(U&W) is scheduled for July 20.

F-35 Orders Pile Up as Lockheed Strike Drags On

F-35C JSF night takeoff

Lockheed Martin gets a half billion more to start building new F-35s and brings on workers to replace strikers.

Senate Wants to Boost Hornet Production

f-18 hornet afterburner

Senate defense funding bill would authorize more production, keeping Boeing’s Super Bug line open.

RADM Winter to Take Helm of Drone Program at Pax River

Rear Admiral Mathias W. Winter

The Pentagon announces Winter’s transfer from China Lake.

Panel Applauds Diversity Training

NAVAIR discussion celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month.