December 10, 2023

GOP Lawmakers Urge Hike in Defense Budget

Defense Budget

Eight GOP lawmakers, led by House Armed Services Committee member Mike Rogers, are urging President Joe Biden to increase the defense budget by 3% to 5%. They say the hike would be a prudent investment to stay ahead of China and other threats.

Poseidon Program Already Fighting Tech Obsolescence

p-8a poseidon flutter test

Navy allocates $8.5 million to replace the aircraft’s electronic warfare technology.

No Program Cut Details in White House Sequestration Report

Pentagon aerial

The Office of Budget and Management’s report on sequestration estimates that DoD will lose $54.7 billion in 2013.

White House Misses Sequestration Deadline

Pentagon Capitol

Congress wants a report on how the White House plans to make sequestration defense cuts.

F-35C Graded on Curve

F-35C rear

The Pentagon allows F-35C to fudge on its landing speed requirement.

JSF Shows Its Rack(s)

Stealth fighter can ditch its covertness to carry more weapons.

Neany Gets $11.9M More


Hollywood contractor gets update for Afghanistan balloon operations.

Neany Contract Expanded


Hollywood contractor gets $12 million more for Afghanistan surveillance balloons.

JSF Heads to Sea


F-35B scheduled for sea trials next week.

Morning Coffee 7-15-11


Senate asks Panetta for JSF cancellation estimate.