December 8, 2023

US Defends Affirmative Action Citing Military

Arguing before the Supreme Court to uphold affirmative action, the government included service academies and civilian institutions alike, noting among other defenses of the inclusive policy: that a diverse officer corps is necessary for national security.

US Closes Arms Deal for Ukraine

More than a dozen European allies will get nearly $400 million in a deal to buy American military hardware to backfill weapons they’ve donated to Ukraine from their own stockpiles. It is not a donation of drawn-down US  stockpiles, but cash to purchase arms and military supplies from the US.

VA to Review Benefit Denials to Sexual Assault Victims


An IG report found VA officials improperly denied benefits to thousands of military sexual assault victims. The department will review all denied military sexual trauma claims from October 2016 forward.

Social Media Shares With FBI & DHS

social media shares

Social media giants called on the FBI and Homeland Security to help the companies prepare for the upcoming midterm elections, but were told they would receive no information from the government on security threats.

GMHS Tweeting & Making Great Connections

Student/faculty interactions boost school spirit, recognize student efforts and help faculty address issues.

Advanced Super Hornet Demo Debuts

The Hornet succeeds in the air, while on land the Air Force, Army and DIS enter a cooperative information sharing agreement while the Army and Navy discuss who will operate the Super Pond at Aberdeen.

First-Quarter GDP Preview Positive


But growth fails to offset sequestration uncertainty in military budgets.

World Military Spending Sees First Decline Since 1998


With spending down, defense companies are shrinking. In Washington, cyber intel gets scrutiny and a bill.