June 19, 2024

Hornet Fighter Jet Crashes in Persian Gulf


Both pilots ejected without serious injury, the Hornet was lost, the crash occurred just after launch and was not the result of hostile activity.

US Slow to Fit Weaponry to Stealth Fighters

Europe leads the US in developing weaponry to fit stealth fighters. Current weapons are too large.

Diplomacy Is Key to Getting Drones in Domestic Airspace

Experts say that courting the FAA with courtesy and competency will lead to more open flights for unmanned aircraft.

New Emphasis on Asia Shifts DoD Development Priorities

Hikes in Asian defense spending from large troop numbers and maintenance, not investment in research or equipment.

Government Workers Could Face the First Job Cuts

pink slip

Sequestration is likely to cost DoD jobs before it impacts contractors, analysts say.

ONR Wants Your Bright Ideas

light bulb

The Office of Naval Research is accepting pitches for the 2012 Naval Science and Technology Partnership Conference.

Pax River Could Benefit from Cargo UAV Boom

Dr. Mary "Missy" Cummings

Pax River has a role to play and an economic opportunity to seize in cargo drones, according to Dr. Mary Cummings.

Morning Coffee: Crash Unlikely to Hurt Osprey Program


Marines have too much love for the tiltrotor aircraft.

Venlet Admits Miscalculation

JSF boss says program needs to slow down production.

Getting to Know NAVAIR

NAVAIR and County hold conference on how to contract with Navy agencies.