June 21, 2024

JSF Gun on Schedule says DoD

Attack Aircraft

“Misreporting” is to blame for claims that the JSF gun would not be ready on schedule, in 2017, says a Pentagon spokesman. Testing begins this year.

VADM Dunaway Takes Command of NAVAIR

Command change ceremony Tuesday marks the end of VADM Architzel’s Navy career.

Jacques Gansler: Go Slow on Acquisitions Reform

Jacques Gansler

Former undersecretary of defense for Clinton warns the Pentagon not to repeat past mistakes.

NAWCAD Wins Top Admirial’s Award

CNO Award for NAWCAD

Naval Air Warfare Center Aircraft Division receives the CNO’s commendation for its contributions to Fleet.

Morning Coffee: Kudos to the KMAX

Kmax helicopter

Vice Adm. David Architzel praises the performance of the KMAX unmanned helicopter during its Afghanistan deployment.

NAVAIR Leadership Seeks to Clarify Budget Cut Rumors


Officials says cuts are coming to Pax River’s contracted support services, but it will not be the rumored 15 percent haircut.

Adm. Architzel Honored at NAVAIR Diversity Training Day

NAVAIR Diversity Training Day 2012

Approximately 300 NAVAIR employees learned how diversity and inclusion can propel innovation and organizational results.

Bohanan to Open Seminar on New OMB Rules

John Bohanan

Industry meeting will focus on the implementation of OMB and DoD directives, which are impacting Contract Support Services.

Employees Honored at NAVAIR Commander’s National Awards

NAVAIR commander awards 2012

The honorary team awards recognize technical, business and leadership excellence in support of NAVAIR’s strategic priorities.

A Second Look at NAWC’s Second Life

NAWC Second Life Hangar 2

NAWC’s Future Workforce Technologies and Strategies office shows off its latest version of virtual Pax River.