May 21, 2018

JSF Software Upgrade to Prevent Hypoxia


Honeywell is responsible for designing and retrofitting all JSF variants with a software upgrade for its oxygen generation system to prevent symptoms of oxygen deprivation.

FAA Halts Domestic UAV Testing Site Selection


Southern Maryland is vying to be one of the first site selected for testing unmanned aircraft in domestic civil airspace.

New Emphasis on Asia Shifts DoD Development Priorities

Hikes in Asian defense spending from large troop numbers and maintenance, not investment in research or equipment.

Northrop Cutting 800 Jobs

job cut scissors

Most cuts will come from electronics division in Maryland.

Virus Infects Combat Drones

Malware said to be monitoring operators’ keystrokes.

Morning Coffee 9-6-11

Hackers using dot-mil addresses to spread scams.

Morning Coffee

White House Afghanistan withdrawal plans coming tomorrow.