May 21, 2018

Pax River Boat Drones Shoot Targets

armed drone boat project

Boats remotely controlled from Pax River test fire armor-piercing missiles.

Base Officials Release Statement on EPA Fines

hazardous waste sign

Pax River spokesman says “most of the violations were administrative or procedural in nature.”

Pax River Fined $38,000 for EPA Violations

The Environmental Protection Agency found violations in 11 buildings at Pax River and Webster Field.

Obama States that Military Sequestration Won’t Happen

Barack Obama

The Navy says it will begin planning for sequestration cuts as early as next month.

Dunaway: NAVAIR’s Funding ‘Pretty Stable for the Next 6 Months’

Vice Adm. David A. Dunaway

Meanwhile, Congress adjourns without fixing automatic sequestration cuts.

‘Fiscal Cliff’ Gets Short Shrift in Presidential Debate?

US Capitol

The Aerospace Industries Association is unhappy that Tuesday night’s presidential debate did not get into sequestration.

Election Could Polarize House Armed Services Committee

capitol hill

Election turnover could threaten the bipartisan atmosphere of Congress’ House military oversight committee.

Mergers Could Stall After BAE/EADS Deal Collapse

BAE Systems

Defense M&A faces headwind after Europe’s high-profile breakdown, but mid-tier and specialized firms could see opportunities.

Defense Cuts Could Cost Navy New Aircraft

F-35C JSF formation

Under sequestration, the Poseidon, Super Hornet and Joint Strike Fighter programs would all lose some new aircraft.

First Production Model F-35B Arrives at Pax River

F-35B JSF first production at Pax

BF-17 will temporarily add to the complement of F-35B and F-35C test aircraft at the F-35 Integrated Test Facility.