May 21, 2018

JSF Cited for ‘Lack of Maturity’

F-35B Joint Strike Fighter sunset

The high-tech helmet isn’t ready, and the F-35B is developing cracks, according to the DOT&E report.

All DoD Workers Could Be Furloughed Under Latest Plan


Virtually all civilian defense employees would be furloughed if Congress doesn’t resolve sequestration by March.

The First F-35C Trainer Rolls off the Line

F-35C JSF first trainer

The Navy’s first stealth aircraft trainer will head to Florida to hone the skills of F-35C pilots.

Not Everybody Likes the ‘Sound of Freedom’

F-35C JSF night takeoff

The F-35’s big, noisy engine may be part of Lexington Park’s background noise, but other communities object to it.

Top Ten Leader Stories of 2012


New development, a hurricane, stealth fighters and the fiscal cliff top the list.

Milkulski Is the New Senate Appropriations Chair

Sen. Barbara Mikulski

The Maryland Senator takes one of the most powerful seats in Washington.

Survey Finds That Federal Acquisitions Are in Crisis


Problems persist and talent pool shrinks despite attempted fixes.

Video: X-47B “UFO” Launches from Pax Catapult

UCAS X-47B Cat Launch

Northrop Grumman releases video of an X-47B catapult shot at Pax River.

Fiscal Cliff Could Be $10 Billion Worse for Pentagon

Pentagon Capitol

DoD officials are hoping to have flexibility in implementing automatic cuts.

New Blows Hit JSF Program

F-35C JSF night takeoff

Quality assurance issues and a potential loss of exclusivity haunt Lockheed’s latest fighter.