January 21, 2018

DoD Slowing Contractor Payments to Preserve Cash Flow

Pentagon Capitol

Pentagon says it will honor current contracts but faces a cash crunch with sequestration.

One Week Until Sequestration

job cut scissors

DoD confirms furloughs and plans to make specific cuts.

F-35B Shipboard Testing on the Chopping Block

F-35B Joint Strike Fighter on USS Wasp deck

Plans to test the Marine’s Joint Strike Fighter on the USS Wasp could be cut under sequestration.

Furloughs Won’t Hit Immediately in March

US Capitol

Federal civilian furloughs might take until April to roll out.

FAA Begins Drone Test Site Selection This Month

x-47b landing

FAA announces intention at AUVSI event in Virginia.

Hawkeye, Poseidon and JSF Face Cuts

p-8a poseidon torpedo

Navy says it will cut aircraft carriers too.

Pentagon: BRAC Is Back for Fiscal 2014

Pentagon Capitol

Another round of base closure will be proposed in the fiscal 2014 Pentagon budget request March 25.

Blue Angels Face the Budget Axe

blue angels

Budget cuts threaten upcoming shows by the Navy’s flying demonstration team.

Furloughs May Not Be a Done Deal

silver lining

Pentagon official says the White House is trying to find a way to avoid furloughing civilian DoD workers.

Defense Cuts May Have to Be Fixed After the Fact

dollar cut

Congressman says the best chance to fix sequestration now is after the cuts go into effect.