May 25, 2024

Election Could Polarize House Armed Services Committee

capitol hill

Election turnover could threaten the bipartisan atmosphere of Congress’ House military oversight committee.

Sea-Air-Space: APKWS Goes to War

Capt. Brian Corey, APKWS

The Advanced Precision Kill Weapons System, a laser guidance modification for 2.75″ rockets, has seen combat in Afghanistan.

F-35 Back on Track?

F-35B JSF over Pax River

The Defense Acquisitions Board may be ready to re-certify JSF program.

Drone Contest Cancelled

Navy closes contest for new VTUAV in favor of upgraded Fire Scout.

APKWS Gets Real

Advanced Precision Kill Weapon System II gets a maritime demonstration and laser switch upgrade.

Drones Get Laser Rockets

Navy equips Fire Scout with BAE’s laser-guided rockets.

Congress Leery of Green Fleet

green hornet logo

The Hill is losing enthusiasm for military’s green energy projects.