April 22, 2024

Retrofit Ordered for F-35 Fleet Worldwide


The F-35 Joint Program Office has ordered that all F-35 jets should be retrofitted with a fix intended to solve a potential engine vibration problem. This includes a global retrofit, not just for US aircraft.

FEMA Asks for DoD Medical Help in TX and CA

About 740 military personnel were dispatched to Texas and California after the Federal Emergency Management Agency requested DoD assistance in tamping down the coronavirus pandemic. Soldiers are being dispatched from the Army’s Urban Augmentation Medical Task Forces from the 627th Hospital Center out of Fort Carson, CO.

Navy P-8A Aircrew Rescues Stranded Mariners

A Navy P-8A crew rescued three marooned mariners from a deserted island in the Pacific Ocean. The castaways used palm fronds to spell the word “help” in the sand.

Pax Buys Business Chase Jets

C-38A Couriers, from the Air National Guard will be used in testing at NAS Pax River to chase the P-8A, E-2D, MQ-4C, E-6B, and C-130 for testing.

Federal Cuts Would Hit Pax Region Hard

2020 Budget

In Lexington Park-California, contractor hubs of the Pax region, federal contracts average $40,095 per employee, 2nd highest in US.

Morning Coffee: DoD Exec Defends “Poseidon”

A DoD acquisition executive responded this week to a negative report on the Navy’s Boeing P-8A Poseidon aircraft.

P-8A Gives NAVAIR the Best Bang for the Buck

The P-8A Poseidon was described by Navy officers as a “quantum leap in speed and range” and a “game changer in surveillance.” Also ahead of schedule and under budget the P-8A could be a game changer in acquisition as well.