March 26, 2019

Boeing Looks Beyond JSF

Contractor plans upgrades to F-18 and touts next-gen fighter.

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US Buys Old UK Harriers

Purchases aimed to keep Harriers flying though 2020.

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VA Guns for MD Jobs

Virginia openly courts Maryland contractors with tax incentives.

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Drones Get Laser Rockets

Navy equips Fire Scout with BAE’s laser-guided rockets.

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Fake Chips Found in P-8A

Counterfeit chips caused sub hunter’s icing sensors to be unreliable.

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Senate Eyes Vet Jobs Bill

capitol hill

With Veterans Day approaching, the Senate finally considers bill.

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JSF Costs Rose 64%

F-35 price tag has expanded rapidly in the last decade.

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New Passel of Poseidons

p-8a poseidon flutter test

Navy inks contract for seven more P-8A sub hunters.

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Joint Chiefs: No More Cuts

Military’s top officials warn that further cuts could be catastrophic for military.

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JSF Risking ‘Serious Mishap?’


Pentagon’s top tester thinks so.

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