June 19, 2019

NAVAIR Wants P-8A Study

p-8a poseidon torpedo

NAVAIR solicited two contracts and awarded two others yesterday.

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$100 Million JSF Insurance

jsf in hangar

Pentagon sets $100 million aside to deal with future JSF design problems.

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Warfare Analysis Needed

NAVAIR solicited one contract and awarded another Friday.

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Viper To Get Chopped?

Official tells Inside Defense that program will be dropped in favor of new helicopters.

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Neany Contract Expanded


Hollywood contractor gets $12 million more for Afghanistan surveillance balloons.

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Happy Xmas; War is Over

Military marks the end of the Iraq War with Baghdad ceremony.

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NAVAIR Wants Bomb Fuzes

Navy wants replacement for the FMU-139 bomb fuze.

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Veto Threat Dropped

White House drops threat to veto Defense Authorization Bill.

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NAVAIR Needs Toughbooks

NAVAIR solicited two contracts and awarded one yesterday.

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New Problems with JSF

Fighter program plagued by new woes, according to leaked report.

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