June 3, 2020

Navy Needs a Strategic Drone Plan


Internal assessment finds that the Navy needs a better plan for integrating and hardening drones.

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Jobs, Pensions on the Line with Sequestration

job cut scissors

Defense industry may issue layoff warnings and terminate pensions in advance of next year’s cuts.

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As War Ends, Drone Money Dries Up

tigershark uav

As the Afghan war winds down, the procurement bureaucracy will reassert control of UAV spending.

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Pentagon Abandons BRAC Plans for Now

Pentagon aerial

DoD will pursue overseas base closures instead.

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X-47B Begins Deck Handling Trials

X-47B UCAS-D in hangar

Attack drone is scheduled for carriers trials next year.

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Air Force General to Take over JSF Program

Maj. Gen. Christopher C. Bogdan

Air Force Maj. Gen. Christopher C. Bogdan will replace Vice Adm. David J. Venlet as head of the Joint Strike Fighter program.

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NAWCAD Commander Addresses Pax Force Reductions

Rear Adm. Randy Mahr

Rear Adm. Randy Mahr says layoffs will continue at Pax River.

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Obama Exempts Military Personnel Programs from Cuts

White House

White House makes its latest tactical move in showdown with Congress over sequestration.

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Contractors Complain About Rookie Acquisitions Force

passing baton

New government employees slowly learning the ropes as older employees retire.

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Morning Coffee: Contractors Report Healthy Earnings

capitol hill

Defense Industry spending on lobbying remained flat for the first half of the year.

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