May 31, 2020

White House Misses Sequestration Deadline

Pentagon Capitol

Congress wants a report on how the White House plans to make sequestration defense cuts.

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Deadline Day for White House Sequestration Plan

White House

The Obama administration must detail sequestration cuts today, according to a law signed last month.

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Jacques Gansler: Go Slow on Acquisitions Reform

Jacques Gansler

Former undersecretary of defense for Clinton warns the Pentagon not to repeat past mistakes.

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Dem Platform Stands By Defense Cuts

Barack Obama

The Democratic national platform calls for the elimination of “Cold War weapons.”

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Marine F/A-18 Hornet Crashes at NAS Fallon

FA-18 C

Pilot successfully ejects from aircraft.

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EPA Tells Pax to Improve Hazardous Waste Handling

hazardous waste sign

Base lawyers work with the Environmental Protection Agency to improve handling procedures after review.

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Pentagon Holds Up JSF Testing Plan

F-35C JSF Pax hangar

The head of Operational Test and Evaluation wants the JSF program to determine how it is going to test the aircraft’s electronics.

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Pentagon Creates Acquisitions ‘Fast Lane’

tigershark uav

Warfighter Senior Integration Group will replace the Joint Rapid Acquisition Cell for quick turnaround projects.

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Government Workers Could Face the First Job Cuts

pink slip

Sequestration is likely to cost DoD jobs before it impacts contractors, analysts say.

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Navy Wants to Fly Drones without Chasers

X-47B UCAS-D cruise

The Navy wants FAA approval to fly unmanned aircraft domestically without visual observers.

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