August 25, 2019

New Osprey Leaves Nest

MV-22 Osprey

Bell-Boeing delivers the first upgraded Block C version of the MV-22.

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And Another One Down

Italy is the latest JSF partner to rethink their purchase.

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Drone Contest Cancelled

Navy closes contest for new VTUAV in favor of upgraded Fire Scout.

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Pentagon Budget Arrives

job cut scissors

Proposed budget would cut the military for the first time in a decade.

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Budget Rumors Abound


Pentagon could cut 40 percent from weapons procurement.

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Here Comes the Boom

Rail gun testing coming soon to Dahlgren (and the Potomac).

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RADM Shannon Speaks Up

x-47b landing

It’s going to be a big year for Navy drones, program exec says.

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Poseidon Gets Bold

p-8a poseidon flutter test

P-8A Poseidon makes its debut in Navy’s “Bold Alligator” training operation.

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Sikorsky Maintains Trainers

Contractor gets $26 million for T-34, T-44 and T-6 maintenance.

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‘Acquisition Malpractice’

Pentagon weapons buyer is blunt in his assessment of F-35 program.

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