January 21, 2018

Trump Signs FY18 Defense Authorization Bill

FY18 Defense Authorization

President Trump signs the FY18 Defense Authorization Bill. The nearly $700 billion authorization establishes the 2018 military pay raise at 2.4 percent and sets the stage for increased Pentagon spending in coming months.

Budget Caps Good for Spending Discipline

Not all bad, experts say: statutory budget caps keep the brake on defense spending.

Opinion: F-35 Vital to Canadian Readiness


Canada’s former defence staff chief says the F-35 must come back into the mix for the US’ northern neighbor.

Grease Skids: Reduce Spending Bill Amendments, Ryan Proposes

House Speaker Paul Ryan wants to eliminate amendments that are bogging down, and sometimes killing, spending bills.

Canada Still on the Hook for F-35 Investment


Canada pledged $150M to develop the F-35,will still attend the next F-35 program meeting, and will still consider the F-35 to replace its aging CF-18 jets.

Canada’s Exit Raises JSF Price


With Canada out, only eight counties remain to develop the Joint Strike Fighter, making each JSF price higher for everyone else.

Norway Looks Solid for F-35 Purchase Commitment

A leaked document indicates Norway remains committee to F-35 procurement as its first model rolled off the Lockheed Martin line Tuesday.

Russian Role in Middle East Expanding Rapidly

Israel is concerned Russian weapons in Syria will reach Hezbollah.

A Contentious Week Ahead for DoD on The Hill

Military budgets, military strategies, military industries and military security concerns convene in Congress this week as the Navy’s latest communication satellite orbits overhead.

JCS Chair Dempsey: $52B Sequester Cuts “Impossible”

JCS Chief Dempsey

Morning Coffee is a robust blend of links to news around the Internet concerning the Naval Air Station Patuxent River economic community. The opinions expressed here do not necessarily reflect those of the Leader’s owners or staff. Joint Chiefs Chairman Dempsey said it’s “impossible” for Pentagon to make $52 billion in sequester cuts to its 2014 budget, reports The Hill. Canada’s wish list:  UAVs that can resupply Arctic rescue missions, Defense News says. The Global Observer drone is a dud, Wired says. Government contractors:  Time for a heart-to-heart talk with your contracting officer, Washington Technology advises. (paywall) Partnership for Public…