March 28, 2023

Navy & Partners Under ‘Dire’ Cyber Attacks

cyber attacks

National security secrets are spilling out from the Navy and its industry and academic partners from ongoing cyber attacks from Chinese and other hackers. An internal Navy review uncovered what officials call a “cyber siege” and equivalent to a deadly virus.

Pentagon Hiring More Civilian Workers

DoD Fails Audit

The Pentagon is hiring more civilian employees to support expanding investments in cyber, intelligence, engineering, shipbuilding, and logistics.

Chinese Nationals Indicted for Hacking

Indicted for Hacking

US indicts three Chinese nationals for hacking into Moody’s Analytics, Siemens AG, and Trimble computer networks, alleging the hackers used email phishing scams and malware to try to steal business secrets.

Russian Success in Syria Includes US Tactics


Russia’s aerial intervention in Syria succeeds against Islamic State and government opposition with Soviet air support and Western-style precision strikes.

DoD Faces Possible Year-long Emergency Spending Measure

DoD Fails Audit

DoD may have to operate under a year-long emergency spending measure that will leave it short on funds.

Defense Contractors Look to World Market

More than 230 American defense contractors were at the Farnborough International Airshow along with a large contingent of top US government officials.

F-35 A No-Show at Farnborough Show

Airworthy? Check. Britain bound? No. The F-35 will stay home until safety concerns are satisfied.

Hackers Did Not Compromise Weapons Systems

Cyberattacks are not unexpected, DARPA wants them as predictable as conventional warfare stratagems.