July 10, 2020

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House Moves on Export-Import Bank

Export Import Bank

The House passed the Export-Import Bank bill last month in a vote largely along party lines. Hoyer urges the Senate to support the bill, which helps mostly small US businesses maintain a strong, competitive presence in the global economy, leveling the playing field among foreign export credit agencies, including three in China alone.

‘Freedom of Navigation Operations’ in South China Sea

South China Sea

US “conducting routine operations in the South China Sea in accordance with international law,” 12 nautical miles from China’s contested barrier island reclamation.

Parties Work Together on Export-Import Action

Hoyer Earns High Score From LCV

Democrats, Republicans work together on Export-Import action.

Hoyer Urges Retention of Export-Import Bank

Hoyer Earns High Score From LCV

Hoyer says Export-Import Bank’s report on competitiveness underscores need for re-authorization.

Dems to Force Vote on Export-Import Bank

Hoyer Earns High Score From LCV

House Dems intro discharge petition to force a vote on multi-year reauthorization of Export-Import Bank, Congressman Hoyer says it has bipartisan support.