June 20, 2019

APKWS Gets Real

Advanced Precision Kill Weapon System II gets a maritime demonstration and laser switch upgrade.

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Dogging on the JSF

The media environment is not kind for the F-35 this week.

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F-18 Computer Upgrade

Eighty new mission computers coming for Super Hornets.

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BRAC Faces Hill Opposition

capitol hill

No one wants to close bases in an election year.

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Ballooning Costs


NAVAIR floats another contract for support of PGSS balloons.

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New Budget Spares Navy

DoD releases a preview of the FY2013 budget, the first to reflect coming cuts.

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Money Moving for SLAM-ER

NAVAIR seeks engineering support for the Boeing cruise missile.

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BRAC is Back


Panetta’s new budget could call for two more rounds of base closure.

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New Lot of E-2Ds

Northrop Grumman gets $781 million for five new Advanced Hawkeyes.

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Air Force Axes Global Hawk

The Air Force retires the program just as the Navy is starting to test it.

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