November 29, 2022

Transportation & FAA want All Drones Registered

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Even for hobbyists, drone registration with the Department of Transportation and Federal Aviation Authority could be in place before the holiday buying season launches, reports Fortune.

Two recent studies criticize the F-35 as a centerpiece of the Navy’s future, and one of the studies criticizes the new Ford-class aircraft carriers as well, reports Breaking Defense.

The Liberal Party’s victory could signal the end of Canada’s F-35 program, a focal point during the campaign. The incoming Liberal Prime Minister Justin Trudeau called the $16 billion buy of 65 jets a “nightmare” for Canadian taxpayers, reports UPI.

Hold tight to that October paycheck, if Congress fails to raise the debt ceiling, retirees, military officers, and federal workers might not receive their November checks, reports PilotOnline.

The US and Russia agree on rules to minimize the risk of air collisions over Syria, says an AP report published by US News.  Russian officials suggest counter-terrorism cooperation with the US could follow the agreement, but US officials call it a narrow arrangement and express concern about the Russian military campaign in Syria. For example, Russian air strikes in Syria’s Latakia province killed fighters opposed to President Bashar al-Assad’s regime, reports Reuters.

Russia has “an arc of steel” from the Arctic to the Baltic to Crimea in the Black Sea, warn Naval commanders, who along with NATO forces are facing aggressive Russian airplanes and warships in the region, report Navy Times.

The USNS Apache is on its way to search for the missing cargo ship, El Faro, lost with 33 crew in the Atlantic during Hurricane Joaquin, reports The Navy vessel will attempt to locate the 790-foot cargo ship  and retrieve its data recorder.

An F-16 hit over Taliban-controlled Afghanistan, minus jettisoned fuel tanks and bombs, the pilot and Fighting Falcon jet returned to Bagram airbase north of Kabul, reports DoD Buzz.

The State Department finally approved sale to Saudi Arabia of four heavily armed  Lockheed Martin littoral combat ships worth as much as $11.25 billion, reports Defense News. Congress has 30 calendar days to approve or deny the deal.

A stoner, teenage hacker, reports AOL, claims to have broken into the personal e-mail account of CIA Director John Brennan.

Abandoned oil and gas wells are common around potential fracking areas, reports, and provide networks for methane to escape to the surface, according to studies appearing in the wake of EPA’s proposed fracking rules regulating methane release.

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