July 18, 2024

Rear Adm. Winter Takes Command at PEO(U&W)

PEO(U&W) command change

Rear Adm. Shannon retires from service at Pax River ceremony.

Navy Recognizes Adm. Shannon for Harpoon Work

Rear Adm. Shannon award

Undersecretary Work honored Rear Adm. Shannon with the Wayne E. Meyer Memorial Award for Harpoon acquisition work.

Adm. Shannon Recieves Helicopter Service Awards

adm shannon award

The Naval Helicopter Association presented Shannon with its Lifelong Service Award on May 15.

NAVAIR Officials Learned a Lot From Mom

Gary Kessler and mom

Officials from the Naval Air Systems Command share lessons learned from their mothers.

Sea-Air-Space: The Fire Scout … Floats?

MQ-8B Fire Scout Model

It may have trouble landing at times, but the Fire Scout unmanned helicopter can apparently float until fished out of the water.

The Future is Complex

The future of Naval Air warfare is data links, complicated data links.

RADM Shannon Speaks Up

x-47b landing

It’s going to be a big year for Navy drones, program exec says.

Shannon Greets UCAS-D

Rear Adm. Shannon, head of PEO (U&W), welcomes the X-47B drone to Pax River.

Airborne Network Event Coming

Southern Maryland AFCEA is hosting an Airborne Networking Symposium next week.

K-MAX Heads to Afghanistan

Kmax helicopter

Experimental unmanned copter to ferry cargo in difficult terrain.