January 18, 2019

JSF’s Initial Operating Capability Report Due This Week

With only days before the services must report their IOC for the Joint Strike Fighter, the Navy’s date is still under wraps. Also, a primer on war-fighting bandwidth satellites and a NOAA satellite conks out, again.

Eastern Shore Drone Crash Caused by Faulty Tail


The Pax River Global Hawk plunged from 18,000 feet into an Eastern Shore swamp last year after operators lost control.

Smaller Military, More Drones Under Re-elected Obama

Barack Obama

Re-election solidifies the national security priorities of the president.

Nigerian Sailors Celebrate Training Graduation

Nigerian Navy graduation

The Pax Partnership held a graduation reception Friday for Nigerian sailors and officers who graduated from SureTrak training.

Defense Lobby Warns of Industry-Wide Shutdown

capitol hill

Lobbyists pressure Congress to reverse sequestration cuts.

DoD Planning Auto-Cuts?

Secretary of Defense Panetta says the Pentagon may plan for sequestration.

Dems Hold the Line

capitol hill

Democrats vow to hold Congress to harsh cuts if super committee fails.