March 25, 2023

Navy Suicides Still Highest of All Services

Navy Suicides

Suicide rates in the Navy have climbed rapidly since 2015 with a 53 percent spike from 2016 to 2017, more than among active duty service members in any other branch of the military. Although more modest than the Navy’s rate, suicide rates continued to rise for all duty service members in 2017.

Pentagon Delays Carrier Deployment over Budget Fight

x-47b UCAS-D on USS Truman

Defense Secretary Leon Panetta delays the deployment of the USS Truman to the Persian Gulf.

Navy Completes Deck Handling Trials for X-47B

x-47b UCAS-D on USS Truman

Northrop Grumman and Navy practice taxiing and fueling the unmanned strike aircraft aboard the USS Truman.

UCAS Drone Going to Carriers in One Year

UCAS on carriers

Recent evaluations on board the USS Truman lay groundwork for X-47B testing next summer.