July 7, 2022

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Audit Deadline: Navy Not Ready for Prime Time

The Navy is lagging in preparedness for a 2017 deadline to be audit-ready.

Four Stars Debate Military Readiness

Retired generals Carter Ham and David Petraeus share different views on military readiness.

Are Radar Advances Gaining on Stealth Shields?

Advances in radar technology may be chipping away at stealth’s low visibility.

Aging IT: Stop Throwing Good Money After Bad

Keeping aging IT on life support is costly and inefficient, federal CIO says.

Computer Science Degrees Lack Security Courses

The nation’s top colleges for computer science don’t require cybersecurity courses for graduation.

CIO: Ease Way for IT Stars to Work at DoD

computer network

DoD CIO wants lower hurdles for IT stars to transition in and out of government service.

DoD Prime Contractor Performance Analysis Released

Pentagon Capitol

The 2014 Performance of the Defense Acquisition System report analyzes prime contractors in terms of contracted products and services.

The Power of Information

In the age of information, all roads, and wires, lead to IT.

NAVAIR Excels in Accessibility

CIO awards NAVAIR crew for making tech accessible to disabled employees.