July 18, 2024

Morning Coffee: Fire Scout Can’t Shake Reputation

Fire Scout at Pax

Latest Pentagon cost report still says the unmanned helicopter is unreliable as close air support.

Navy Moving to Arm the Fire Scout

Webster Field team is working to arm MQ-8B with Advanced Precision Kill Weapon System.

F-35 Starring in Top Gun 2

Lockheed feels the need, the need for speed.

The Future is Complex

The future of Naval Air warfare is data links, complicated data links.

Drone Contest Cancelled

Navy closes contest for new VTUAV in favor of upgraded Fire Scout.

Fixing Broken Networks

RADM Dunaway

Rear Adm. Dunaway says Navy’s airborne networks need better compatibility.

Fire Scout Heads to Africa

Unmanned helicopter does its first solo mission on the USS Simpson.

DOT&E Report: Fire Scout

Fire Scout at Pax

Drone helicopter scheduled to begin initial Pentagon testing in March.

Neany Gets $11.9M More


Hollywood contractor gets update for Afghanistan balloon operations.

JSF to Jam and Swarm?

Speculation abounds for future of the JSF platform.