July 18, 2024

New Passel of Poseidons

p-8a poseidon flutter test

Navy inks contract for seven more P-8A sub hunters.

Training Grounds for Drones

Fire Scout at Pax

Pax River needs to become a Center for UAV Integration.

Budget Could Delay Ford

Navy proposes delaying new supercarrier two years.

Fire Scout Tests Biofuel

Fire Scout at Pax

Unmanned helicopter is the final vehicle test for renewable fuel blend.

JSF Heads to Sea


F-35B scheduled for sea trials next week.

Penfield to Command FRC

Rear Admiral reassigned to Pax River Fleet Readiness Centers.

Prowler Flies on Biofuel

EA-6B is the latest NAVAIR jet to run on plant-based blend.

Morning Coffee 9-9-11

Fire Scout team gears up for a new deployment.

Morning Coffee 8-30-11

US intel aircraft moving to blimps and drones.

Morning Coffee 8-22-11

Larger, high-endurance Fire Scout approved.