June 25, 2022

Art & Lifestyle:

Survey: Top Concern of IT Workers Is Hacking


An online survey of IT experts — many working at civilian federal agencies — found that hacking is their biggest concern. DoD employees, however, were more likely to list foreign governments as the top threat.

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Morning Coffee Is Off the Burner

Morning Coffee is off the burner today, Martin Luther King Jr. Day. We will be back percolating Tuesday, January 18.

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The Navy’s Problem? Itself.

CNO ADM Mike Gilday blames the Navy’s major problems on a culture of poor self-assessment. The reluctance to be self-critical resulted in systemic problems and stalled efforts to improve. “We are not operating to our full potential.”

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Climate vs. Aviation: Risks Growing

The Transportation Research Board’s findings identified water associated with flooding and more severe stores plus temperature changes as posing risks to aviation’s infrastructure. Industry reports are also showing impacts of rising temperatures on aircraft range and payload.

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Navy Makes Changes to Basic Training


The US Navy is revamping its boot camp basics to include 10 weeks of training instead of eight and adding more mentorship, life skills, and personal and professional development portions to the curriculum.

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Israel to Purchase 12 CH-53K Helicopters


The Israeli Air Force will purchase 12 Lockheed Martin CH-53K King Stallion heavy lift helicopters at the price of $2 billion. Negotiations are said to have taken place over the last several years.

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Old Guard Maintains Vigil in DC Blizzard

At Arlington National Cemetery, Army photographer Elizabeth Fraser captures The Old Guard maintaining sentinel duty at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

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Where to Store 3 F-35s?

'Lightning Carrier' Deployed to Pacific

As the F-35 moves closer to formal full-rate production, Pax River has three early models of the Pentagon’s newest joint strike fighters ready to go into long-term storage, and is searching for a contractor to handle the project from shrink wrapping to storage.

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What’s Next for Corps’ F-35 Fleet?


Though the US Marine Corps beat the Navy to having a deployment-ready F35C squadron, the long-term future for the corps’ F-35 fleet is in question. The reasons: the Marines have a limited number of pilots for the F-35 and the corps has been putting more focus on unmanned aerial systems.

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DoD Photos Take a Look Back at 2021


The Defense Department offers a glimpse into the lives and work of US military members across the globe in 2021 through the lenses of military photographers.

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