June 27, 2022

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Visionary or Destroyer of Marine Corps?

Commandant of the Marine Corps GEN David Berger looks to a future Corps as a smaller, dispersed, missile heavy, naval fighting force. A number of respected retired Marine generals strongly ­condemn Berger’s vision and say he is destroying the Corps from within.

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Climate & War Reshape Global Economy

Shareholders advance efforts to impose limits on bank financing of fossil fuel development as the war in Ukraine compounds a global economy that had already faced inflationary pressures coming out of the pandemic and supply-chain breakage. The US Federal Reserve says to expect interest rate hikes.

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Navy Offers Early Shipping Bonuses to Recruits


The US Navy is offering early shipping bonuses to new recruits — at least $25,000 to enlist active duty and ship out before the end of June. Some bonuses could be even higher.

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Air Force Wish List Includes More F-35s


Add more F-35 fighter jets to the US Air Force’s wish list. The service’s list for fiscal 2023 include billions of dollars for seven more, brand-new F-35As as well as EC-37 Compass Calls aircraft, hypersonic technology tests, and 26 construction projects for bases recovering from natural disasters.

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First Woman Nominated to Lead Armed Service

US Coast Guard ADM Linda Fagan will become the first woman to lead a branch of the US armed services if her nomination to lead the US Coast Guard is confirmed. Fagan has been the Coast Guard’s No. 2 since June and was the first woman in the service to be promoted to four stars.

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Cargo Removal Next Effort to Float Ever Forward

Salvors will need to remove cargo containers from the grounded Ever Forward in Chesapeake Bay, the Coast Guard has determined after two unsuccessful attempts to refloat the ship. Removal of containers is expected to take about two weeks.

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Deployments in Europe Likely to Remain Into Summer


The Pentagon said that thousands of troops mobilized over the past few months to Eastern Europe will most likely remain into the summer. DoD also announced that the US will send additional aid to Ukraine: $300 million more in military supplies, including drones, laser-guided missiles, armored vehicles, and machine guns.

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Hawkeye Crashes Near Md.’s Eastern Shore

A US Navy E2-D Hawkeye aircraft crashed Wednesday evening off the coast of Virginia near Wallops Island and Chincoteague, killing one and injuring two others. The deceased crew member has been identified as LT Hyrum Hanlon.

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Navy Boosts Air Ops in ’23 Budget

The Navy wants to spend an additional $1.4 billion on air operations in the next year and increase flight hours. The Navy slated $10.1 billion for air operations for FY23 — up from the $8.7 billion that was enacted for FY22 — to “maximize readiness and lethality” in naval aviation.

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Historic DoD Budget Still Lacks Ukraine Funds

The historic DoD budget request for FY23 represents 1.5% in real growth – $773B from FY22’s $742B. It includes funds to boost technologies needed to keep pace against China, but it doesn’t account for the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

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