June 25, 2022

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Navy Chief Lists 513 ‘Needed’ Ships

CNO Gilday says it will take 513 ships to meet the National Defense Strategy — and includes in his list a big amphibious presence, 60 destroyers, 50 frigates, more than 80 subs, another 100 support ships, and a likely future need of about 150 unmanned.

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Morning Coffee Is Off the Burner

Morning Coffee is off the burner today, Monday, February 21, to celebrate Presidents Day. We’ll be back Tuesday, February 22, 2022.

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Aviation Market on Display at Singapore Airshow

More than 110 American companies, high-level officials, and cutting-edge military aircraft were present this week at the three-day Singapore Airshow 2022. The show is the preeminent defense exhibition and biennial international aviation trade show in the Pacific region.

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F-35C Completes First Deployment

The first-ever operational deployment of an F-35C Joint Strike Fighter squadron returned home this week. The Carrier Air Wing 2 with the aircraft carrier Carl Vinson Strike Group worked with a detachment of CMV-22 Ospreys as the carrier onboard delivery aircraft, two additional EA-18G Growlers and one additional E-2D Advanced Hawkeye aircraft for “seamless integration.”

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Ukraine Teeters at Brink of War

Ukraine teeters at the brink of war, and thus so does Russia, Europe, and the United States. Talks and arm sales continue simultaneously.

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More Troops Being Deployed to Europe


Three thousand members of the 82nd Airborne Division are scheduled to join 3,000 troops already mobilized to Poland, Germany, and Romania, as tensions mount along the Ukraine-Russia border. The White House is warning US civilians in Ukraine: Get out now, because the military won’t help rescue you if Russia invades.

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UK Foreign Office Hacked

The United Kingdom’s Foreign Office was hacked in a major cybersecurity incident forcing the government to call in additional support with “extreme urgency” from its cybersecurity contractor BAE Systems Applied Intelligence, Details as to date of the hack or data captured remain unknown.

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Walter Reed Barracks: ‘Years’ of No Hot Water

Investigative reporting by Navy Times revealed junior sailors and soldiers have lived years in barracks within the Bethesda, MD, naval base containing Walter Reed National Military Medical Center.

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DoD Outlines New Tech Strategies


The Defense Department outlined its vision for the US military to strengthen its tech superiority amid a global race for technological advantage. The plan includes a list of “critical technology areas” including biotechnology, quantum science, FutureG, trusted AI and autonomy, directed energy weapons and systems, hypersonics, and integrated sensing and cyber.

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Mach 1 Caucus to Advocate for Fighter Jets

Fighter jets have a new ally on Capitol Hill. Four GOP House members, all former military pilots, have formed the Mach 1 Caucus to advocate for policy issues important to the fighter pilot community.

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