December 4, 2023

EUL at Pax River Gets Enviro Assessment

The Enhanced Use Lease – EUL at Pax River – seeks to build office space on the base. A draft environmental assessment of the project was released last week and is available for public review.

Enviro Impacts of New Pax Buildings on Display 4/8

pax river aerial

Part of the Navy assessment of private construction & a 50-year lease of new office buildings at NAS:Patuxent River includes public presentation of impacts April 8.

White House Could Delay Defense Cuts Next Year

White House

OMB says the president has the power to delay sequestration for a few weeks until Congress delivers a fix.

Update: Pax Partnership Annual Meeting Rescheduled

Del. John Bohanan

The Patuxent Partnership has postponed its annual meeting due to Hurricane Sandy.

Capt. Mills Speaks on EUL

Pax River commander addresses potential new office buildings.

EUL Just Getting Started

The Navy’s Pax River office project moves into the second phase.

Hines Tapped for EUL

Pax River EUL map

Houston firm gets exclusive negotiations to build offices at Pax River.

Not Waiting for EUL

Capt. Schmeiser says EUL is not the only answer to space shortages at Pax River.

Pax River Needs the EUL

Pax River EUL map

Navy’s private leasing plan could ensure our economic future.

Captain: Park’s revitalization involves “both sides of Route 235”

Capt. Stephen Schmeiser, commander of Patuxent River Naval Air Station, says that the Lexington Park planning process affects the Navy as well.