May 19, 2019

Hoyer: We Are Committed to Protect Waterfront from Storms

Investing in programs to restore natural barriers along the Atlantic coast that protect beaches and harbors remains an important and ongoing effort, says Rep. Hoyer.

Sequestration ’14 Threatens 6,000+ DoD Civilian Jobs

budget axe

A Pentagon plan would cut thousands more civilian jobs if sequestration is not averted in fiscal 2014 and another looks to cut JSF costs which is hoped to increase international support of the fighter jet.

Sabre Donates $15,000 to Help Sandy Victims

NAACP Hurricane Sandy

The donations helped three Sabre employees rebuild their lives after the hurricane.

Top Ten Leader Stories of 2012


New development, a hurricane, stealth fighters and the fiscal cliff top the list.

JefClarkArt Discounts Unique Holiday Items

JefClarkArt sunset

JefClarkArt, unique photography on cards and postcards, giving a new angle on the local scenes. A perfect holiday gift with flair.

Lexington Park Rotary Mobilizes to Help Sandy Victims

rotary club

Southern Maryland Rotary Clubs are collecting donations for victims of Hurricane Sandy in New Jersey.

SMECO Crews Head to Western Maryland for Sandy Cleanup

power pole

Thirty employees, three service trucks, three bucket trucks, and three line trucks head up to assist First Energy in Western Maryland.

Update: Pax Partnership Annual Meeting Rescheduled

Del. John Bohanan

The Patuxent Partnership has postponed its annual meeting due to Hurricane Sandy.

Pentagon Withholds Payment Due to JSF Problems

F-35B JSF over Pax River

The Pentagon withholds $46.5 million from Lockheed Martin until deficiencies in the Joint Strike Fighter are fixed.

SMECO Crews Follow Sandy’s Destructive Wake

SMECO BGE Hurricane Sandy help

Six Southern Maryland Electric Cooperative crews head north to restore power to the 80,000 customers affected by Hurricane Sandy.