February 1, 2023

SlackWater: A Look Back at Old St. Mary’s

The late Sen. J. Frank Raley Jr. worked to modernize the Southern Maryland region, generate economic development, and raise the standard of living. This essay, “Old County — New County,” was first published in 1999.

SlackWater: Was the Bridge Worth It?

Flagging on Bridge

The Governor Thomas Johnson Bridge opened 40 years ago this week, connecting St. Mary’s and Calvert counties.

SlackWater: When Electricity Came to St. Mary’s


The SlackWater Center examines rural electrification and the changes it brought to Southern Maryland households.

SlackWater: Calming the Waters

SlackWater: Calming the Waters

Then-state senator J. Frank Raley discussed the Potomac River Compact of 1958 with The SlackWater Center. “The Potomac River Compact was a break with, and generally opposed very strongly by, the County. This was a change taking place, and it was resisted. The new people would vote for, and the old would vote against,” he said.

It’s Our River: Virginia v. Maryland, Take 1

River by SlackWater

SlackWater: In a 2001 interview, Walter Dorsey, a former state’s attorney and state senator, argues that the Oyster Wars were a figment of the news media trying to justify the Potomac River Compact.

Criminal Charges Against The Enterprise – 1957

The time was 1957, the place Lexington Park, the upstart newspaper The Enterprise was not necessarily a welcome newcomer.

Was the Thomas Johnson Bridge Worth It?


In 1975 Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Power Plant commenced. In 1978 the Gov. Thomas Johnson Bridge opened to traffic. SoMD changed forever.

Still: Best/Worst of Times

Lexington Park lost three pillars in the old year.

St. Mary’s College Mourns the Passing of J. Frank Raley

Benjamin Cardin and J. Frank Raley

Raley served on the Board of Trustees for 24 years and was instrumental in establishing St. Mary’s.