May 24, 2024

Mike Colina on Growing a Technology Workforce


The Patuxent Partnership features Mike Colina, founder of RMC, in the first of a series of interviews on workforce development.

Defense Revenues Up 5% Over Last Year

Military Spending

Despite the coronavirus pandemic, the defense industry saw a gain in revenues in 2020. Defense revenues recorded in this year’s Defense News Top 100 list totaled $551 billion, up about 5% from $524 billion for fiscal 2019.

Trump Keeps Attention on Defense Industry


President-elect Donald Trump is taking aim at the defense industry: saying the industry should be banned from hiring former Pentagon contracting officials and criticizing the cost of the F-35 JSF program and the Air Force One contract.

What’s Next for Federal Contractors?

Trump Expected to Call for End to Ongoing US Wars Overseas

As the clock ticks down to the end of the Obama era federal contractors are wondering what’s next?

Reid on Defense Budget: A Deal is a Deal

Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid is balking at adding funding to the defense budget deal agreed to President Obama and former House Speaker John Boehner.

Second MQ-8C Fire Scout Delivered to Navy

The MQ-8C Fire Scout can fly twice as long and carry three times more intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance payloads than the current model.

Women on the Rise in Defense Firms

woman executive

The big firms still dominate the defense industry, but women are increasingly in charge.