January 24, 2021

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Navy Running Short on Fighter Pilots

Defense Trade

Technical and safety problems have left the US Navy short by about 90 fighter pilots. That’s the message from naval air training chief RADM Robert Westendorff, speaking at a virtual Tailhook symposium.

In Indo-Pacific Region, a Massive Show of US Naval Force


While China builds up its military outposts in the South China Sea, putting missile and electronic warfare systems on them, the US and other allies have beefed up operations. For the first time in nearly three years, three American aircraft carriers are patrolling the Indo-Pacific waters, a massive show of naval force.

Hurricane Season Officially Starts June 1


The St. Mary’s County Department of Emergency Services reminds the community that the Atlantic hurricane season officially starts June 1, 2020, and goes through November 30.

For Emergencies, Know Your Zone

Know Your Zone

Everyone who lives, works, or vacations in any of the beautiful areas of St. Mary’s County is subject to tidal flooding or storm surges from a hurricane, and the county’s Department of Emergency Services advises all to Know Your Zone.

2019 Hurricane Season Has Begun

2019 Hurricane Season

The 2019 hurricane season officially began Friday, June 1, and continues until Nov. 30. This year, the hurricane research team at Colorado State University is forecasting 13 named storms for the entire season.

Amid Spring Disasters, Military Preps for Hurricane Season

Amid Spring Disasters, Military Preps for Hurricane Season

Amid a busy spring responding to flooding and tornadoes in the Midwest, the National Guard is gearing up for hurricane season, which officially kicked off Saturday and will last until the end of November. Last year’s hurricanes were particularly destructive for some of the military’s most critical bases.

Protect Your Assets Against Summer Storms

You have a plan for your family, but will your important documents and valuables be safe in a storm? Find out how to make sure they are.

NOAA Forecasts an Intense Hurricane Season

The St. Mary’s County Dept. of Emergency Services and Technology has compiled a list of essential items for your hurricane kit.

Pax River Prepares for Hurricane Season

Pax River conducts fuel spill drill during two-week hurricane preparedness exercise.