February 3, 2023

Artist Mortified; Tosses Out No-Brainer

Photographer Jeff Clark was shocked when his last WitWit image was identified in an hour. So this week he throws out a ringer and challenge: “Can you name it under an hour?”

September Maker’s Market at Annmarie

Check out this month’s collection of handmade furniture, jewelry, homemade jams and honey, and more at Annmarie Garden’s monthly Maker’s Market.

August Maker’s Market This Saturday


Buy LOCAL with over 50 vendors selling hand-made furniture, home grown and fresh veggies, and fruits!

Where in the World? Winners and … Not Even Close

If you think you know Where in the World? this photo’s subject resides, comment below with your guess. Be the first to correctly identify the photo, win a JefClarkArt photo prize.

Where in the World? Continues to Charm and Confound

Are you a follower? Here’s the latest score: Joe Feuer correctly identified the Kalmar Nyckel and Margaret F pegged the covered bridge. The first to correctly identify this photo receives a photo from the JefClarkArt archives.

JefClarkArt Discounts Unique Holiday Items

JefClarkArt sunset

JefClarkArt, unique photography on cards and postcards, giving a new angle on the local scenes. A perfect holiday gift with flair.

JefClarkArt to Attend Fall Island Cottage Sale

Fall Island Cottage Sale

The next rendition of the highly regarded Island Cottage Sale has been slated for Oct. 27 and 28.

JefClarkArt Returns from Nova Scotia, with Pictures

JefClarkArt Nova Scotia

JefClarkArt has returned from a brief but enriching visit to Nova Scotia, the jewel in the crown of Canada’s Atlantic Provinces.

JefClarkArt Annouces New Local Photobook

JefClarkArt rigging crop

‘Southern Maryland Alive and Well!’ features scenes captured by Jeffrey Clark on St. George Island, Solomons and local farms and flower gardens.

Capturing the Race One More Time


Sometimes it seems like you don’t need to catch the Governor’s Cup sailboat race one more time – until you do.