December 10, 2018

Who’s Who on St. George Island–“Baby Lena” Denny

St. George Island

Lena Marie “Baby Lena” Denny was a “Tom Boy,” growing up on St. George Island, who climbed the Silver Maple trees in her yard until Hurricane Hazel blew them down and missed the school bus on purpose to ice skate on the creek with her best buddy Tommy Poe.

The Great Flood of 1933 Part 1

Great Flood of 1933

In his memoir, St. George Island resident David Sayre recalls the Great Flood that destroyed the small, isolated waterman’s community in southern St. Mary’s County. The storm struck on Aug. 23, 1933.

The Birds Are Back! Ospreys Return!

ospreys return

The ospreys return, ahead of St. Patrick’s Day as usual, warming water and air are drawing others birds back to their Chesapeake summering grounds and preparing the tributaries for the return of the Chesapeake Bay Blue Crab.

The 1920s on St. George Island, MD

St. George Island

Wendell J. Chesser was 12 in 1920 when he began his “eternity” of “eight long years” working aboard his father’s pungy, the Joe Smith, out of St. George Island, MD.

Visit Smith, Tangier Islands Aboard North Star

North Star Trips to Smith Island

The North Star, based out of St. George Island, will now offer trips across the Chesapeake Bay to Smith and Tangier islands.

SlackWater’s Circumstantial Evidence Part II

SlackWater's Circumstantial Evidence Part II

Visitors to St. George Island should be warned: Beware of time.

SlackWater’s Circumstantial Evidence Part I

Circumstantial Evidence SlackWater

The SlackWater Center at St. Mary’s College of Maryland is a consortium of students, faculty, and community members documenting and interpreting the region’s changing landscapes. Oral histories are at the core of the center, which encourages students to explore the region through historical documents, images, literature, and scientific and environmental evidence. Some of this work has been published in the print journal SlackWater, some of which is online, and some published here. The work below was first published in Volume IV Crassostrea virginica in spring 2004. By Anne Grulich If you’re coming to the Island by bicycle, you should stop on the bridge….

Where in the World? Continues to Charm and Confound

Are you a follower? Here’s the latest score: Joe Feuer correctly identified the Kalmar Nyckel and Margaret F pegged the covered bridge. The first to correctly identify this photo receives a photo from the JefClarkArt archives.

JefClarkArt Discounts Unique Holiday Items

JefClarkArt sunset

JefClarkArt, unique photography on cards and postcards, giving a new angle on the local scenes. A perfect holiday gift with flair.

Sandy Shows Her Backside, Sending SoMD a Final Flood

Sandy’s strong southerlies at the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay surged a high tide through the estuary.